SPFL new crisis as Celtic man commits foul

SPFL new crisis as Celtic man commits foul


Scottish football has been plunged into the worst crisis since lockdown following Celtic’s Bolingoli’s shocking violation of the current rules in top of Aberdeen players’ own flouts last weekend week.

This now has massive ramifications both for football and for health, but to be clear:

Celtic and Aberdeen matches have been effectively postponed until further notice, meaning, on the assumption Rangers players continue to follow the guidelines, Steven Gerrard’s men could end up with a stunning league lead over the coming weeks depending how long Neil Lennon’s side face a ban.

But on the health side, Bolingoli’s shocking conduct not to mention the Aberdeen group mean the outbreak seen in Aberdeen could have majorly worsened plus the Celtic defender has now exported further infection potential to Spain, which is still deeply struggling at the moment.

It’s almost staggering just what these selfish, entitled and privileged rich fools have done, jeopardising their own health, the health of those around them, and the country’s good progress with this situation.

Plus taking it across the sea to keep it up on the continent. Just incalculable idiocy.

As for the football side – with the SPL already clogged up with fixture congestion due to starting slightly later than usual, postponed matches (of an undetermined number) could already render this season invalid, purely on account of having no space to fit these matches in at a later date.

If we recall, the Rangers St Johnstone match never got rescheduled before the season was called early, and we never did find anywhere to fit it in.

But this is 20x worse, and could implicate several fixtures.

Season 20/21 is already in trouble and it’s only a week old.

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