Ryan Kent to Leeds – the latest

Ryan Kent to Leeds – the latest
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The Ryan Kent saga has taken a few twists and turns recently, so Ibrox Noise wanted to clarify what we know, what we don’t, and see where it takes us.

Leeds United definitely bid £8.5M rising to £10M for the winger – Steven Gerrard confirmed the bid, and that it had been absolutely rejected.

The Elland Road giants were reported to be nearly doubling this to around £15M to change Rangers’ minds, and this is where it got interesting:

A source exclusively broke a claim story that Kent was open to the move, ‘keen’ in fact, they said.

We at Ibrox Noise ran with that angle too, making it clear it was not our story (the word ‘reportedly’ was meant to be a giveaway), and it ran for a while.

The Sun then made the claim the next day that Kent had said in fact he was happy to stay, didn’t want to leave, and was ‘furious’ about the story.

With all due respect, if the Sun told us the sky was blue, we’d look out the window. Which doesn’t any more corroborate the other source, but it does mean two potentially extremely unreliable sources have claimed opposite things.

What we do know is Kent has major ties to Glasgow, because his girlfriend lives here – whether they met before he joined Rangers or met while he was here is not for us to know – but she is naturally very important to him, and Kent is extremely settled here, with his life in Scotland, with her, and with Rangers.

There are rumours she has some ties to Glasgow she can’t leave from, which means he’s also quite happy to stay here too, and a switch to Leeds would disrupt that massively.

So from a personal point of view, the information is he would much rather stay.

From a career point of view, of course he will have ambition to play in the PL – any player would theoretically choose it over the SPL.

But Kent is in form, he’s happy, he’s playing for one of Britain’s biggest clubs and we not only give him Europe but a real shot at some silverware.

In short, like we said in previous entries, Kent is more than happy to stay, and will never down tools or go in huffs for remaining in Scotland for any reason. But he will have aspirations to move to the PL one day.

It’s just whether that one day is any time soon.

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