Ryan Kent delivers transfer update to Steven Gerrard

Ryan Kent delivers transfer update to Steven Gerrard
Didn't see this among the footage....

Amidst Leeds United’s rejected £8.5M rising to £10M bid for his services, Ryan Kent has reportedly confirmed to Steven Gerrard that he wants to leave for the challenge of Elland Road and the English Premier League.

The former Liverpool winger, 23, has hit some fine form this season, and following the failed initial bid, the speed merchant put in an excellent performance against Kilmarnock, which only increased his stock to Leeds.

Now the ex-Brighton man is said to have announced to Gerrard that he would like to pursue the chance to ply his trade in the PL, as Ibrox Noise suggested he probably would.

It’s the Promised Land for English players, with levels of money on offer well beyond what can be offered in Scotland, but more importantly for players like Kent it delivers Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool every other week and that for a player at the top level is too tempting to turn down.

Kent was happy enough to stay, but equally happy to go too, and it seems the call of the top tier in the world is too good an opportunity for the winger to reject.

We don’t blame him at all – Rangers are a bigger club than Leeds, but the division we’re in cannot even dare to compete with the PL, and any self-respecting player given the chance to improve their career by competing in the Premier League is going to take it.

It’s in Leeds’ court now – they have to bid enough for Rangers to say yes, and that will take a lot.

It should also be emphasised that Kent will not go in a huff and down tools if he doesn’t get the move – he IS happy at Ibrox.

But equally if Rangers get a major bid for him, a bid which satisfies the board’s valuation (said to be around £20M), Kent will likely expect the club to accept that and give him the pathway to the PL.

He’s not forcing the move, nor will he, and Rangers will still get the best of him if he stays, but we understand his ambition and Rangers won’t stand in his way if the bid is good enough and he truly wants to leave.

More as we get it.

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  1. Totally acceptable and professional from Kent . The EPL is the draw big time. Now we need to get smart at spending well for both him and Morelos . I would be more concerned if it was Barasic given the fact we have no understudy at all to him , same as last season that’s a real worry . More so than no Kent or Morelos .

  2. Fuck thats all we need i thought he was staying, lemmon loving this ffs,worth more than crybaby AM any day of the week,so is Rangers now just a bring in increase in value and sell regardless of whats at stake ffs,times have changed the famous is now just stopgap for players to increase in value then there off,a money making machine that doesnt take any prisoners as far as i can see ruthless

  3. @ Benny, did you honestly think players would not move south for lots more money and a bigger challenge?
    I won’t blame him, as long as we get £20M+
    My concern is that he may not enjoy fighting relegation as much as he thinks right now. He certainly won’t be playing in Europe for a while, if ever. I think if he waits until next summer, he could get a mid-table team instead of relegation fodder. But it depends on who offers what and how desperate he is to move.

    • I hear you bud and you are correct,but i just think we should be keeping our good players for this season to get the job done,iam not wanting any of this so called 9.5iar bull,

    • Spot on Scotswhahae Kent will obviously be drawn to the EPL . Hopefully we get the right money for both him and Morelos then buy another three players winger , CF and more importantly another LB .

    • If you trust the Sun, Benny? We honestly don’t know any more what he may or may not have said, but we sure have reservations about believing the Murdoch empire.

  4. It was Rangers news i seen it and he was suppose to be raging about talk of him leaving the famous by another media source god knows,we cant believe anything until it actually happens nowadays so much fake news flying about

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