Rumours fly over Rangers’ friendly ‘trialist’ – Lewis Macleod & Jack Wilshere?

Arsenal and West Ham star Jack Wilshere
Probably not....

Rangers played a low-key hush hush closed doors (albeit aren’t they all now) friendly yesterday against Plymouth, and featured a trialist around whom rumours are circulating over his identity.

While the wires went ape over it being ex-England star Jack Wilshere, the truth is of course no one outside the match knows, and all involved went in house to keep it mum.

Argyle also had their trialist, who similarly was kept under wraps (info claims it was our very own former star Lewis Macleod), and so for all the rumours about who it was, we can’t actually get any info on the Rangers XI at all.

But, it probably was not Wilshere, information there is he’s still with West Ham at the moment, although his most recent season was completely destroyed by injury.

Rangers are certainly in the market for a final piece of the squad jigsaw – an energetic and powerful midfielder is needed to give Rangers some central dominance and goals, a player, ironically, in Gerrard’s own mould.

But we can’t really see it being Wilshere. On any level.