Ross McCrorie and the ‘missed opportunity’…

Ross McCrorie and the ‘missed opportunity’…
As good as gone, but not forgotten...

So, we got dog’s abuse for daring to suggest Ryan Jack wasn’t having a stellar season compared with usual, because, shock horror, we call it as we see it rather than always glossing anything ‘negative’.

Sure, we had a few who disagreed with a level of respect, but while we had plenty of agreement too, we also had the usual angry internet people foaming at their mouths to tell us we were talking *.

As is their right, of course, so we guess we’re about to do it again by questioning just what has happened with Ross McCrorie for him to go from ‘future Rangers captain’ according to Steven Gerrard, to unfancied squad filler who wants to leave.

Gerrard famously stated the Auchenhowie graduate was a fine player and he wanted him to have 50-60 games under his belt then he’d consider him ready for Rangers.

He got 23 at Portsmouth, played out of position, and if we’re being fair, that’s nowhere near the 60 his manager wanted, and he didn’t even get to develop in the correct position.

But of course, there’s a contradiction here. Why did 22-year old McCrorie need to get all these matches under his belt but 21-year old Lassana Coulibaly, 21-year old Ovie Ejaria, 22-year old Ryan Kent, 23-year old Glen Kamara and 23-year old Joe Aribo didn’t?

True, different players develop at different speeds but the age and experience clause has only ever been used on McCrorie and his similarly-dumped team mate Greg Docherty.

Funny thing is though in Docherty’s case Gerrard actually outright admitted he just didn’t rate the ex-Hamilton man. That without using the explicit words admitted he’d been amazing in training, model pro, done everything right, but it ‘hadn’t been enough’. AKA ‘I just don’t rate him’.

And that’s fair enough, even if we disagree – Gerrard being honest enough to say Docherty isn’t for him.

But the McCrorie situation is different – he really did apparently rate him, wanted McCrorie, wanted him as future stalwart in the midfield, and yet wouldn’t play him there?

Why future? We explain before how Gerrard has selected tonnes of young players in positions like that, but McCrorie had his age and experience used against him.

End of the day, Gerrard doesn’t rate the kid any longer (if he ever did). Like Docherty, right or wrong, he’s not for him.

And McCrorie, sensible enough to suss this, has asked to leave.

We wish him well and hope he’s not one who comes back to haunt us.

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  1. Again, a good player who never really got a chance and, understandably, he wants away as a result of this. All the best to him at his next club. Hopefully this doesn’t come back to haunt us.

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