Rangers must be wary of big danger, fans have been ‘warned’…

Rangers must be wary of big danger, fans have been ‘warned’…
He just wasn't a fan!

It would take a blind man to fail to see how efficient Rangers have been this season. Aside the lack of conviction up front, and a few too many wasted chances, the side has been mostly unstoppable and impressive to say the least.

But, whisper it; this upcoming international break comes at the worst possible time.

Rangers under Steven Gerrard have never done well with breaks.

We can recall a few international breaks we’ve gone on while flying high, and stuttered as we came back, and of course every winter break under the manager has been a disaster post-new year.

We absolutely, unequivocally, utterly cannot allow that to happen when football resumes mid-September.

When Dundee United come to Ibrox for the first time in years, Rangers need to pick up exactly where they left off – rampant.

Any slip up now, while not critical, shows a chink in the armour, and continues the trend of being unable to lift the team back up after a spell out following good form.

We’ve seen it too many times under Gerrard not to be cautious about it happening again.

We’re sure the management team behind the scenes will be impressing hard on the players how imperative it is to keep the form up, the hunger, and the aggression – Rangers are doing most things right at present, and without doubt this international break has come at the worst time possible.

So when September 12th comes round, we’ll find another test of what this squad is all about. Another good performance and result and maybe just maybe it’s learned from its past mistakes.

We hope it does.

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  1. We surely p don’t have many players heading off for international duty.. Barasic , McLaughlin Jack that’s it I suppose and Morelos maybe so the majority should should still be training and being ready ,.

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