Rangers man hands Stevie a transfer request

Rangers man hands Stevie a transfer request
He's definitely ready to sell.

Steven Gerrard is very much working on a number of player situations, and after Alfredo Morelos handed in a transfer request on Tuesday night, we can safely say his Rangers career is over.

He’s serve his purpose and he can now leave, and we’re actually with him on requesting Rangers just accept the latest €20M bid from Lille – it’s good money, represents a stunning profit, and there’s no reason not to accept that one.

Rangers rejected a reported £16.5M bid, but this one is closer to £18M, and we’d say we’re good for that.

Of course, if the club thinks they can juice more from Lille (with whispers Italian giants AC Milan are to bid too) then we’re ok with that as well, but personally speaking we’re content with a €20M bid.

But crucially, Morelos has handed in an effective transfer request – he’s officially asked Rangers to accept that bid, which isn’t his place to ask, of course, but it is his right to symbolise his desire to leave.

He’s done that now.

Morelos’ exit cannot come quick enough, and while we’d argue accepting this bid would just write the striker off and we can all move on, at last, equally we’d agree that if we can get more, we should.

Lille started at £8M, doubled it to £16.5M, and are now at £18M+.

He wants his out now, and we’re happy to give it to him.

Just depends on whether the club is satisfied with the offer.

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  1. I’ve said numerous times to numerous folks but I think we should hold firm on selling until its £20million + add ons at least. Too often we have undersold our star performers for pittance and until we sell Morelos for his true worth we will constantly be lowballed by folks trying to nab our players. He’s among the top scorers around Europe and a current international for the 12th best side in the Fifa rankings. Be outrageous if we sold him for £18million when you have a lad from a mid table English Championship side with 41 games in total under his belt going to Dortmund for £25 + add ons.

  2. Has he though., I think it has been denied. He has a far better record than Eduoard in Europe, against quality opposition, yet they are looking for £30M
    I say not a penny under £20M, that is the starting price for bids. Also, does he really want to go to Lille, where they clearly value a younger striker at Morelos plus another £10Million? So Morelos will be backfill?
    I would advise him to wait for someone else to come in. People with money and a need of goals are not in short supply. Bite the bullet, lose the weight, get fit, fight for your place and you will score goals and get your move.

  3. Get him to fuck he wont b remembered 1s he leaves. His goals have won nothin they won’t b remembered either, am sure they’ll remember him but for never scoring against them.
    Good riddance

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