Rangers made Alfredo Morelos?

Rangers made Alfredo Morelos?
Do Rangers need him or not?

This is not the argument we’re hearing from a lot of fans. We wrote a piece the other day about how we’d never liked Alfredo Morelos, especially after January 2018 when he made it clear we were a stepping stone to the PL for him.

He never showed us any real affection, any loyalty, any commitment or much honour at all, and if any Rangers player of the past 20 years has wanted to be one less, we’d love to know who they are.

But some fans aren’t happy with us. We should be thankful for Morelos’ service, for his goals, and his work, apparently.

How utterly, despicably, and ridiculously very dare they speak our club down so much that we should be thankful to HIM for his doing his job and getting a well-paid platform to promote himself on.

Let’s make this one thing very very clear:

Rangers MADE Alfredo Morelos, we do not owe this young man a single thing.

We gave him one of if not the biggest club match platform in the world (which he blew) by selecting him against Celtic, we gave him a prominent platform to demonstrate his qualities in Europe (which he would never have got with HJK, and indeed didn’t bar some low-interest inconsequential qualifiers for the UEL in 2016) and we gave him around £25,000 a week for that privilege.

Don’t you dare tell us it’s all about what he did for us!

He carried us in Europe – what does that even mean? He did his job and scored some goals in the Europa League?

Pretty sure it was Ojo who scored the winner v Feyenoord. Pretty sure it was Borna Barisic’s unreal crosses which gave Morelos the assists for two headers in Rotterdam. Pretty sure it was Jordan Jones who laid the winner v Legia on a plate for the Colombian to actually GIVE us the group stage.

This is a team game, people, and as much as Morelos contributed his part, he did NOT carry us. No one did – they all played their part, like they’re paid to.

The handwringing from some sections of the support that would happily defend Morelos’ interests against those of the club’s are deeply depressing.

Now, we don’t hate Morelos, not at all. We don’t hate anyone, frankly. A waste of emotion.

No, we just don’t give a t*ss about him. He’s done his part, he did it fairly well, and now he’ll net us a big profit when we sell him.

He doesn’t care about us, why should we eulogise his glory in return?

What did Alfredo Morelos do for us?

Exactly what he was paid to.

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  1. Definitely he was good raw with potential when JJ scouted him from Finland . Now he’s up there with some of the best , thanks to Rangers and if the silly boy had scored against the rotten mob he would be even more wanted. Sell him now .

  2. Don’t rhink Gerrards helped this situation at all in his tenure, in increasing his wages every time someone came sniffing.
    Personally, for me, he was finished after the elbow at Parkhead. His dummy was always going to get thrown when he was dropped for another striker. Bad egg that should have been disposed of long ago. Grew up loving the old moody blue in Negri, but had this greeting faced petulant little prick on the books far too long now. Longer he stays, the more damage he will do to his value and more importantly team morale. Hes turned into our own version of The Thumb

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