Rangers duo being used by national press?

Rangers duo being used by national press?
Didn't see this among the footage....

Recently many of our readers will have heard about Marcelo Bielsa’s reportedly imminent £10M bid for Ryan Kent.

We urge major caution over this story.

First off, it originated in the Sun who aren’t exactly known for being liberal with the facts and truth.

But secondly, it’s the second time in recent weeks that the press have used major Rangers assets as link speculation stories for promoted Leeds, following hot on the heels of Borna Barisic also being touted for a switch south.

The Barisic story originated in clickbait national football insider, who we wouldn’t trust as far as we could throw them, having only gotten one Rangers story correct to our knowledge.

So then their colleagues at News International (or whatever Murdoch’s empire is called these days) have added the easy Kent story to the CV.

It’s true, we do know that Bielsa targeted Kent last summer, and it was Rangers who won that one – it was Rangers willing to spend the rather overpriced sum of £7.5M for Kent’s signature, and Leeds wouldn’t go beyond £5M.

So we do get the fire beneath the smoke of this one.

But it feels now more like the press just using Rangers assets, and Leeds’ new lofty position, to create headlines than actually reporting a legitimate story.

Of course, we could be wrong, wildly wrong – Bielsa could indeed be preparing a £10M+ bid for Kent after all.

But with the track record of the source, plus the track record of the Barisic story source, we have more reason to believe it’s hogwash.

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