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Rangers dropped their first points today, a major slip up after both Hibs and Celtic had done likewise, and Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for a very forgettable afternoon at Almondvale.


Managed not to get embarrassed by one 60-yard lob, but aside that didn’t have a lot to do apart from some nifty footwork. 6


Is offering little as an attacking threat, despite the changed formation – found himself in good positions on the right but rarely put in decent balls. Weak. 5


Didn’t do a tonne wrong, in fairness, but wasn’t tested enough overall to even judge. Tidy overall we suppose. 6


Quiet afternoon, untested. 6


Got in a few good balls and one amazing free kick even better saved. Defensively barely needed but offered enough going forward. 7


Continuing to be tidy, cleans up, but doesn’t have impact going forward, and this match needed some of that. 6


More dynamic than Kamara, actually sprayed some good balls wide and forward, and got around a lot, but ultimately wasn’t able to do a tonne more. 7


Lacked some match sharpness and it showed – we told you he’d start, but he wasn’t particularly effective as part of the trident. Worked hard as we always expect but lacked coherence in his usually-reliable link up play. 6


We defended him in recent weeks, particularly against St Johnstone (we think it was) but today no excuses. He didn’t like the surface, but even then, couldn’t do the basics right. Bad day entirely for him. 4


Our best player by an absolute mile, the only guy who kept working, kept plugging, kept trying – he was the one taking the shots, getting into positions, providing an out. Was so unlucky with the late shot. Deserved better. 8


One match at home with two 1-yard goals seems to have got him a tonne of slack, but this one managed to be worse than the shambles he was in the last one. Another woeful display from a striker who needs to leave. 4



Added pace and energy, but his match fitness, or lack of, told, and he faded quickly. At least he offered something. 6


Can’t say we noticed him. n/a


Looks cumbersome, clumsy, and slow. Stats for St Gallen are great, but so far what we’ve seen of him isn’t exactly inspiring. 5


Steven Gerrard made an error here in selecting Hagi on a surface he was never going to be happy with, and when his system clearly wasn’t working after a half hour he just didn’t change it. He did make subs in the second half, but they didn’t alter the flow of the game enough, and once again the manager, when the chips are down, proves himself unable to come up with answers. Provided little inspiration from the sidelines, and was too passive. As always in these situations. A bum day for him. 4

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  1. This was worse than some of sickening pish from last season. No idea no penetration no creative spark. SG got it wrong Morelos is not interested or of any use . Kamara and Jack poor no passing ability. 1 upfront ??? really . Itten looks raw , the departing Aussie Dykes must be sratching his head 3 Mill for Itten 2 for him ???????. Docherty would have been perfect for that game to day It better change asap or we are heading back to last season …sorry .

  2. That was mince….. we have no idea how to transition from defence to the attack. If you are going to play this predictable sideways , backwards, side ways backwards tripe then you need someone to grab the ball of hapless Goldson and drive it through midfield. This is giving me The fear make no mistake ….. 5 mins to go and still Goldson and Helander are playing keep ball at the back ffs

  3. An woeful performance on the day we honoured the memory of a true Ranger-Tam Forsyth. Oh for a player of his drive, leadership, loyalty, and never say die attitude, in that team of impostors we have now. They let us down yet again! How long before Gerrard sees sense and changes the record?

  4. Trying to walk the ball into the net why have 2 holding midfielders when the opposition is playing 6 3 1. Jones Docherty Mccrorie and Murphy know what the club is all about but are bombed out. Dont blame the pitch either just a rotten performance.

  5. Disappointed with result but some of the posts here & elsewhere are way over the top. The 2 new signings need more time to get up to speed & it’s no secret SG has been looking for a more dynamic midfielder. Wait until the first round of fixtures are played then we’ll have a clearer idea of how things will go but calling for the manager to go cmon get a grip.

  6. Said this in Gerrards first season and got shot down in flames. I said it in his second season and got shot down in flames, but I’m going to say it again…Steven Gerrard doesn’t have a clue!

    His tactics are a shambles, His subs are a shambles, his shoehorning certatin players into the squad that shouldnt be there is a shambles, his lack of leadership is a shambles…and daily his interviews are becoming a shambles and bordering on Mark Warburton terrotiry!

  7. Yesterday was Rank Rotten start to finish because we didn’t score that was an identical performance to the last 3 games , all pretty 1 and 2 touch from defence to middle and back again , but middle to front has been shocking since day 1 .no body who gets in the box seems to have the footballer sense to make a run across the defender at a cross , when a ball is played into feet no one comes to meet it except the defender !
    If an under 14 team made lazy basic mistakes like this they would be getting slaughtered for it .
    All personal battles won by Livvy
    Now every opponent knows we’re vunerable .
    And it will get worse every time we display this weakness

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