Morelos shocker shows the truth about his team mate

Morelos shocker shows the truth about his team mate
One of them is happy, one of them is not....

It’s true that different players handle things differently, but the night and day contrast between how Ryan Kent handled the transfer speculation and how Alfredo Morelos did shows the true character of both men, in a football context.

Once Morelos knew of interest, he agreed terms and his head was gone.

On the other hand, Kent knows fine well what’s on offer, knows the bid was rejected, and not only did he just get on with playing football for his team, but he put in a terrific shift and easily his best of the season.

Because we love our stats so much, let’s take a look:

A solid 6 shots, but an incredible 5 of them on target. A stonking passing average of 93.9% – bettering even the excellent Brandon Barker’s 91.8%.

2 key passes. 3 dribbles. So quick Killie couldn’t even successfully foul him once. Lost the ball just twice the whole match.

And let’s not forget, an excellent goal.

Ryan Kent didn’t let this Leeds speculation affect him. Well, actually he did – he only let it drive him to play even better for his team.

Some cynics might say he upped his game to encourage Leeds to bid again. To show them what they are sniffing around. Maybe he did. We can’t know for sure.

But sources have said that while he isn’t against the idea of leaving, he’s also extremely happy staying.

But the point – stay or leave, bids or not, speculation or not, Kent didn’t let the noise affect him and stop him playing, not like Morelos did.

Kent has never done anything other than honour the shirt. He’s a decent sort, and we hope we can keep him.

But if he was to decide he wanted to take this shot at the PL, while netting us a massive profit, it would be hard to begrudge him that opportunity.

That said, he could be a big part of a serious challenge on the SPL this campaign – does he really want to miss out on that?

We shall see!

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  1. I don’t think Rangers are a settled squad on and off the field . Morelos needs to go asap. Kent may also go if the price is right and he is tempted by the EPL , you can’t blame him. SG needs to get his strategy right there is no other plan win this league end of , no alternative . If Morelos goes that will free up money to be used to strengthen

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