Lionel Messi & Barca made the beautiful game ugly

An FC Barcelona fan wearing a jersey with the number of Barcelona's Argentinian forward Lionel Messi sits outside the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona on August 26, 2020 as fans gather after he announced his desire to leave the club. - Lionel Messi's bombshell request to leave Barcelona is expected to spark a legal battle over a multi-million-dollar buy-out clause but also raises the question of which club could afford him in the heat of the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Pau BARRENA / AFP) (Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

Some days ago we made a light-hearted look at Lionel Messi and his near-move to Rangers in the early noughties, in light of his recent desire to leave Barcelona.

However, we have to revisit this story today because it’s the biggest football headline in decades.

Arguably the greatest player in history has not only fallen out with Barcelona, the club he was supposed to end his career with, but it is now looking ugly, following the Spanish FA confirming his release clause must be met.

He had hoped to leave at no cost based on that goodwill ‘leave for free’ clause, but this ain’t May any more.

Now what was once the most loyal relationship where Messi was part of the fabric of Catalonia has descended into a disgusting, court-destined ugly fight between himself, his representatives, the clubs and various lawyers.

Yes, there’s no Rangers angle here, and we know this is a Rangers site, but this story disgusts us.

Whatever the guy’s intentions, he’s absolutely stained his legend status at that club, and now threatens to undermine everything about his career thanks to self-centred behaviour just because he didn’t get his way.

He’s completely turned on Barca.

Now, make no mistake – we do NOT like Barca. They’re a horrible football club, and just as bad as Real Madrid, both of whom are spoiled brats with vile entitled fans.

But they are an institution, and along with Real are one of the two clubs all aspiring players pretty much want to end up at.

Making it at Barca or Real (or Ibrox, of course) is the pinnacle of club football and it gets no better.

And on that level, on a pure football romance level, this story is vile and it’s the ugliest thing to happen in the sport since Neil Lennon.

It’s the symbol of the horrible capitalistic direction football went in years ago, and it saddens us to see such a desperate state of the ‘beautiful game’.


  1. “And on that level, on a pure football romance level, this story is vile and it’s the ugliest thing to happen in the sport since Neil Lennon.”

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