Lionel Messi and his move to Rangers

Lionel Messi and his move to Rangers
On his way?

It would be amiss of us at Ibrox Noise to ignore the biggest football story for years. No, we’re not talking about Harry Maguire and his alleged misdemeanours in the Mediterranean, we’re on about the second transfer request in two days, with big Lionel following his fellow south American Alfredo Morelos’ lead in telling his bosses he wants to quit.

Which takes us back. Back to the years gone by when Rangers nearly signed then-rising superstar Lionel Messi from Barca’s youth system on loan.

It’s a well-documented story, that Alex McLeish got wind of an amazing young player in Catalonia and made an audacious play to borrow him for a while.

It was of course a failed endeavour, but what might have been, eh?

Of course, banter online, not least from ourselves, invites the Argentinian legend to give up the sunny climes of Barca for the wind and rain of Govan, because of this quote he made in 2015:

“My favourite English player? Steven Gerrard. His domination in the middle, his leadership, very much like Xavi and he leads his team. I know he wants to be a manager one day, he’s a current player I respect very much and would work under him.”

Ok, he didn’t say that, but let’s face it, Gerrard is almost as famous as Messi is, globally speaking.

Is there a chance in hell Steven Gerrard’s Rangers could sign Lionel Messi? No, let’s not be stupid. Not even the ‘Joey Barton Fallacy’ could spin this one. Messi would cost the kind of money Man City themselves can barely afford.

And if Phil Foden would much rather play at the Etihad than Ibrox, our chances of snaring Messi are probably quite small.

But it’s a bit of banter, and crazier things have happened.

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  1. What might have been lol
    We would have only played him in League cup games cause he had no experience and stuck him wide right having to get back and defend 😂

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