Four clubs chase £10M Rangers man

Four clubs chase £10M Rangers man
Wanted man

One we’ve not covered recently is the rising story in the press of Finnish star Glen Kamara and the sudden links with a number of PL clubs, and curiously, eastern European ones too.

The word on the wire is teams are interested in him for around £10M, but there is more than a caveat to this ‘exclusive’:

The story, which alleges its sources revealed to it, was in fact penned by a 19-year old Twitter ‘journalist’ for a football aggregator website, a journalist with less than 300 followers.

In short, this chap doesn’t exactly have a reputation or credibility, and he’s the one touting the Eastern European mobs as being interested.

But equally PL sides like Everton and Sheffield United have also been mentioned, and of course we can’t forget the stories linking Marseille with a similar-sized bid.

As for the player himself?

Having a much better season, looking way more focused, tidier, concentrating better and covering a lot of the pitch, Glen Kamara is benefiting from Steven Gerrard’s new double-pivot midfield, and while we don’t feel it’s getting the best from Ryan Jack, Kamara is definitely thriving.

And that’s clearly raising his value and his profile.

Do we hope we keep him?

Kamara has never been indispensable – he’s always been a player fans were happy enough to sell for the right price, and it’s not like we lack midfielders.

But that said, whatever we think of the new formation, the results do speak for themselves and Kamara is a part of that.

Any bid for Kamara would have to be very tempting for consideration.

Sell Kamara for £10M?

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  1. I’d sell him, after the Euros when his value, like the rest of them, will only increase. Then get Jack back to his natural position with the armband he should’ve had long ago

  2. I am with Marc. I like him, but he is not indispensable.
    BUT, I remember him putting Italian midfield in his pocket for Finland. So will others. More exposure will increase his value. If he plays well in the Euros, £10M will be table stake and he could easily go for double that.
    I forecast we will lose him and Barisic next summer, and very possibly Aribo as well.

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