Connor Goldson and his mysterious stats

Connor Goldson and his mysterious stats
Goldson celebrating

Ibrox Noise’s investigation earlier into Rangers’ best and most effective defender revealed something more stark than just the fact Filip Helander was the prize stopper.

It was the fact Connor Goldson did not top any major defensive attribute at all, despite his guaranteed starting place.

For tackles he’s fourth behind Tavernier, Helander, and Aribo.

For interceptions he’s seventh behind Balogun, Helander, Barisic, Jack, Aribo, and Davis.

And for clearances he’s third behind Balogun and Helander.

For such a stalwart, it’s surprising his numbers are, frankly, mediocre, in comparison with his CB team mates, and indeed non-CB teammates.

Which is not to say he’s a rotten defender – Rangers’ backline has been watertight this season, and this article isn’t trying to smear him as worthless.

But if there were any doubt about how… shall we say ‘non-physical’ Goldson actually is, it’s in the numbers he’s posting.

The guy is not having a bad season, but he doesn’t do the dirty work. Even clearances, normally his forte, see him weaker now than both Balogun and Helander.

But the formation may be having an impact, and the way he’s being asked to play.

Who knows.

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  1. Good data IN which reveals a lot especially his reluctance to put it out there unlike young Edmundson and Katic . I sometimes get the feeling that Goldson maybe saving himself for another chance in the either the EPL or a higher EFL Championship team . I mentioned earlier that he has been having a decent season but we haven’t really played any team who threatens cause most SPFuckingL teams don’t engage in a proper football contest and that will be the test obviously when we play a stronger sheep 11 and the rotten mob.

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