Celtic penalty – are SPFL ready to take action?

Celtic penalty – are SPFL ready to take action?

 Article by: Derek

With Celtic playing an ineligible player (Boli Bolingoli) in their match against Kilmarnock, we at Ibrox Noise decided to see how the SPFL handled this situation when it happened to a team that does not control the SFA and SPFL.

In 2018, when Hearts put on Andy Irving against Cove Rangers as a substitute in a Betfred Cup game they were given a financial fine and they deducted two points.

In 2019, Clyde were deducted FOUR points for playing ineligible players in TWO matches.

So, these two cases argue an offending team will be deducted two points per offence.

So, there is precedence, which this suggests that Celtic should be deducted two points points for playing an ineligible player.

So, what’s going to happen.

Do Celtic get a pass, because they are Celtic and they control the SPFL, and the SFA, or do they get punished the same way, and are forced to drop two points?

If there is no penalty, it will be clear that there is bias at the top and only Celtic is allowed to get preferential treatment.

This is a major problem… and Celtic know it.

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  1. It’s slightly different in the sense that the club didn’t know of his misdemeanor. Comparatively, the other offence was the club playing an ineligible player under their knowledge, or lack of understanding of the rules.
    I think Celtic if they knew would be quite comfortable not playing the guy tbf

  2. It sounds reasonable, but in the real world companies are always responsible for the actions of their employees.

    If a club could escape punishment simply because they were not aware of the mistake they could then use that argument almost every time there was a “mistake”.

    The fact is an ineligible player was used, and the late addition of a substitute is always used in football as a ploy to alter the balance of the match in the last few minutes.

    Celtic got a point….but who knows if this specific substitution prevented Killie from scoring a late goal? Clearly Celtic thought there was benefit in adding Boli Bolingoli, and not using another player.

  3. I’m a Motherwell fan just havin a nose hear Celtic and Aberdeen should lose the 3 points for canceled games it puts the teams they were ment to play at a disadvantage the manky mob would be shouting the loudest if it was anyone else how ironic Lennon was talking down Aberdeen just a few days before

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