Car crashes to fights – the crazy Morelos circus goes on

Car crashes to fights – the crazy Morelos circus goes on
Well past his sell-by date now.

The Alfredo Morelos saga is going into frankly absurd territory. The wantaway striker, axed from the match day squad to face Killie at the weekend, is now at the centre of some of the most ridiculous and stupid rumours we’ve heard for a long time.

From him having a bust up with Steven Gerrard (because, of course, we all know Phil Three Names has contacts inside Ibrox who actually live in the dressing room, probably alongside the CCTV cameras he had his associates install there too) to the crazy piffle about him crashing his car into a team mate’s, it’s all getting into the twilight zone now.

What is absolutely for sure is Morelos is finished at Ibrox.

Gerrard has definitely had his fill of the striker, because, if for nothing else, he’s horrendously out of form, overweight, and his attitude on the pitch is pretty honking.

Bear in mind, in all competitions, Alfredo Morelos has scored three goals this calendar year, and two of those were against St Mirren two weeks ago – his drought is more a nuclear apocalypse, a barren wasteland of tumbleweed, and the longer the nonsense in the press and online goes on about him, the more his value has potential to deteriorate.

We say again – we do hold all the cards here, and even if he does rot in the reserves his deal is till 2023 and he remains valuable, and his goal record for last season, despite its absolute divebombing after the new year, is still impressive.

Rangers will still get big money for him.

But it’s clear now that the kid has thrown his rattle out the pram – it’s feasible he’s trying to damage his value so Rangers will cut their losses and just get rid – and we say **** that too.

He cost us £800,000, a penny more than that is still profit, and Rangers must and will play absolute hardball over this.

It’s gone very sour for the Colombian at Ibrox, and it’s all been said enough times about his unforgettable time in Glasgow.

He will, for all kinds of reasons, be one of the most memorable players in Scottish football history, but the honeymoon is over and everyone now wants rid of him.

We need to move on from this, and the sooner the better.

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