Beyond astonishing – Celtic fans lose plot over Rangers irony

Beyond astonishing – Celtic fans lose plot over Rangers irony
Might be time to rip things up...

As most readers will know, Celtic (and Aberdeen) have been charged with bringing the sport into disrepute following the violation of rules both clubs’ players were guilty of.

Ibrox Noise, like most observers, have condemned the actions of the players, and the clubs in question’s failure to control their employees.

But we’ve discovered, this morning, the near-delicious irony of Celtic fans attacking Rangers fans for wanting their club punished.

Said one Celtic fan who’d wandered onto our site:

“Away n give yer heed peice!… Celtic didn’t know he’d been away to Spain, therefore not the clubs fault… Also there were no rules in place if a player or club did break the rules…. So if penalties or fines or point deductions are put in place now then this incident happened before the rules were there. Stop clutching at straws… Move on, play yer games and it’ll still be a fair challenge instead of acting like a bunch of idiots!”


“oh please take points off them pretty please we need all the help we can get to stop the ten you sound f*cking desperate sort it out you are rangers supporters is this what you have all become where is the pride not desperation”

In a glorious role-reversal of 2012, Celtic fans are now telling their rivals off for wanting them to be punished for allegedly breaking rules.

We’re kind of incalculably lost for words by the feast of gorgeous hypocrisy laid out on this table, for us all to gorge on.

Celtic fans spent ages 8 years ago demanding Rangers were slammed, and then we were, and then they kept slamming us.

The moment it’s THEIR club who’s done something allegedly wrong, in the eyes of others, well, that’s perfectly ok isn’t it?

Brass necks don’t get wider than this.

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  1. Truth is they know we are back and it’s hurting them as now know they have competition and we are giving it to them big time,

  2. There is more fn* news and comments about us on the Celtic websites, than anywhere else. We’ll apart from that bellend Sutton.
    They care more about hurting and hating us than they do about supporting their own team. Talk about obsession!!!

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