Analysis – how Steven Gerrard changed it

Analysis – how Steven Gerrard changed it
Stevie watching on this season....

OK, I’m not going to claim that Steven Gerrard read our piece on the need for Rangers to change, but the difference was obvious to see.

There is still a lack in communication, but after the game against Killie you get the feeling that Rangers are finally moving along the right path.

With a front line that was effectively four up-front, it was clear that the intent was to go full Operation-Chaos.

There were shots from distance, passes in from the side, balls over the top, and even some attempts at communicating between the midfield and attack, and this caused the uncertainty in the Killie defenders we’ve long been looking for.

Remember that loading in the box we whined about? How not enough bodies were in there or around there? Completely different yesterday.

Clearly there is a ton of work to be done, but the fact is this is the first time Rouwffie/Roffe/Rolfe (Oh Jimmy) and Itten have played together, and the switch to two co-operating strikers give far greater flexibility in transitioning from defence to attack.

This will be extremely important in Europe and especially in the games against Celtic. Perhaps next week we can also get Roofe (ok ok enough fun) and Itten to play together?

It also gives wantaway man Morelos something else to think about.

I said it before, but if Morelos thinks another manager is going to change his entire team, just to accommodate his physical style, then he is going to get one massive shock.

Morelos, for all his skill, is lacking in two important areas.

The first is his inability to speak with the rest of the team, and the second is his inability to play with a second, third or fourth striker.

For me the two problems are directly linked. If he would put the time in to learning the language, he might be able to understand the tactical moves he is being asked to do.

Of course, that wouldn’t be an issue if he moved to Spain or another other Hispanic nation, but anywhere else he’ll encounter the same language barrier he’s not bothered his backside with at Ibrox.

But he won’t learn, and there is now a chance, if this new communication between midfield and attack keeps improving, and Barker starts to better understand his teammates as he gets more gametime, Alfredo Morelos just might have played his last match for Rangers.

And frankly, it doesn’t seem to be that big a deal any more.

Onwards and upwards.

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