All-new Rangers TV and Clive Tyldesley – verdict

All-new Rangers TV and Clive Tyldesley – verdict


We’ve not seen too much about the all-new Rangers TV, so we thought we’d drop a piece in assessment of it.

Remember, the old days saw Tom Miller and ‘special guest’ with a single camera on them in the comms booth, and some build up with videos from RTV before the action kicked off.

It did the job, but it was no frills and sadly Miller’s commentary is often seen as a bit divisive – we can vouch for the man, a true gentleman and very kind, but some fans are not the biggest advocates of his warbling.

Now, with the overhaul, we see Emma Dodds, standing beside the Ibrox pitch along with ‘special guests’ (Sunday saw Alex Rae, Neil McCann and the crocked Niko Katic) and we have to say the presentation was pretty smooth. Sure, they made a bit of a goof with the start time of the broadcast, but once underway it was impressive.

But of course, it was also the debut of Clive ‘Tylsdale’ (Sorry Emma) behind the mic.

And how did he do?

As professional as a pro commentator with 30+ years in the industry would be expected to be. His knowledge was excellent, his opinions fair and the right side of biased, and there wasn’t a single coat of paint to be seen (sorry Tom).

He clearly did his homework, and didn’t embarrass himself at all, with a very smooth and polished debut performance.

The only downside is Clive on comms duty did make it feel like an England game at the world cup, but hey, that’s a fair enough cost and we’ll live.

We also appreciated his not insulting our intelligence by pretending to be a Rangers fan, and indeed on his social media platforms he did admit he’d call the team out if it was garbage, while being admittedly conceding he’d be a little biased too.

So what we are now getting is professional commentary from an impartial observer who knows the game like the back of his hand.

And frankly it wasn’t bad at all.

Overall the upgrade to RTV looks to have been money well invested – true pros doing the presenting and comms, with our own finest still there to back them up.


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