Alfredo Morelos and his return at Ibrox

Alfredo Morelos and his return at Ibrox
Will we see this again? (Photo by Willie Vass/Pool via Getty Images)

Ok, so there’s one more dilemma, and while in ways it’s colossal, in others it’s no dilemma at all.

For all the controversy over Alfredo Morelos, and his transparent desire to leave Rangers, and the fact he was axed over his behaviour the past 10 days, Steven Gerrard has revealed his focus is back, apparently, and the wantaway one is available for selection again tomorrow.

There are a number of schools of thought, and we’re going to be 100% impartial and unbiased on these.

1: Alfredo Morelos, on form, in the zone, is the best striker in the SPL. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. No one with any sanity would deny how good he is when he’s ‘focused’ and wants to win. If it’s about picking your best players, it’s not even a contest.

2: But Gerrard has just confirmed that he will not pick players based on name, or reputation – which means, like Allan McGregor as we discussed earlier, Morelos will not just waltz back into the team after his fortnight of ignominy despite who he is. He has also refused to reveal whether the Colombian would start. His name doesn’t mean he automatically gets selected.

3: Cedric Itten and Kemar Roofe ‘are not’ on ‘fire’ just yet, but they are motoring in that direction. Their form certainly isn’t remarkable, albeit the latter bagged his first goal lately – and the reality is both players will need weeks to gain the form they need to produce regularly for Rangers.

4: Alfredo Morelos is currently in infinitely worse form than any player in Rangers’ team, including the slightly off-key Ianis Hagi. If it’s about picking based on form, Morelos stands no chance there either, because he’s been abysmal since the turn of the year, if not earlier.

In many ways, this isn’t a dilemma. Morelos can’t start.

But because of the circus around him and how good he potentially is, plus one other factor we’ll reveal in another entry, Morelos may well get the surprise nod after all.

Nothing would shock us.

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  1. Morelos will be in the squad certain , on the bench perhaps . It’ll be interesting to see how the midfield shapes up with no Aribo . I do hope we are getting after this central midfielder we really need . That’s our weak area .

  2. I can see him starting Morelos and giving him 45 minutes to score and put himself about. Succeed, he gets until the 60th minute because we need to give other strikers minutes. Fail, he is hooked at the 45 and the next game, he sits on the bench while Itten gets the same chance.
    We now have Morelos/Defoe/Itten/Roofe/Kent/Aribo/Hagi/Barker as our 8 players for the front 4 positions in a 4-2-3-1. That does not include Jones, Murphy, Stewart or any youth.
    Times have changed, balance of power is coming home to the Queen’s Eleven

  3. 2 goals and 2 assists in 4 games. Poor form!
    If he wants away fair enough but Alfredo at 50% is still better than most strikers

  4. What’s happening to rangers supporters I was born 1950 I believe you are born a rangers fan the first thing I have said to my own children when born ya wee blue nose girl or boy it s who we are my point is I watched players who played for that badge and played with pride so now if they don’t show those same values then get rid no matter how good they are that’s why we are the people

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