73% ‘would sell’ Stevie regular for £10M

73% ‘would sell’ Stevie regular for £10M
Made a bad call?

There have been a lot of stories linking in-form midfielder Glen Kamara with a switch out, and the consistently-quoted price has been the region of £10M.

Marseille and Everton are among those said to be keeping tabs on the Finn, but we wanted to know what you good readers thought of that.

With Ross McCrorie leaving and Greg Docherty likewise, despite the two not being part of Gerrard’s plans it does leave vacancy there and Kamara going as well might just cause a bit of a hole, potentially.

But, regardless, would the Finn be one you wanted to hold onto, or were you happier to sell for the quoted £10M?

In our poll, we have to say your numbers backed up what we’d suggested. Despite his current form, the ex-Dundee man just isn’t really a fan favourite, and even though he overall curries more favour than he doesn’t, especially with his bright start this season, you don’t consider him indispensable.

A pretty hefty 73% of you were happy to ship him out for the £10M sum, while just 27% felt he’s either worth more, or you’d keep him regardless of bid.

If Kamara was to be sold, Rangers would have virtually no defensive midfielders at all, because the only other two are Ross McCrorie (leaving) and Steven Davis (not that physical and not getting much younger either).

Ryan Jack is of course the remaining option and he’s doing ‘ok’ this season in the double-pivot (if not spectacularly) but there would be virtually no one to partner him, unless Davis slotted back in (not impossible).

But either way, you appear to favour Kamara’s sale.

Especially at £10M.

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  1. Last season, yes, currently, no.

    No cover and the lad Zunga not coming. Unless Wilson has a trick up his sleeve, must keep the lad.

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