40% of Rangers fans disagree with big Stevie call

40% of Rangers fans disagree with big Stevie call
On their way out.

We’re seeing a lot the past few days about Ross McCrorie and Greg Docherty, so we ran a poll yesterday to ask you, our valued readers, where you stood on the issue of their departures.

Obviously it’s quite a divisive topic, but we talk about the things other sites won’t, as well as the good stuff, so we’re not stopping any time soon, and we wanted to know what you felt about this development.

Your numbers were very interesting.

While the majority, 40%, didn’t agree with their exits and wanted them to stay, a very strong 35% felt they’re not good enough and wanted them to leave.

Even more interestingly, when it came to the individual players, a very strong 21% wanted McCrorie only. Just 5% wanted his colleague Docherty alone.

These numbers reveal a lot.

1: The fanbase is basically 50/50 on them leaving. Split down the middle.

2: Ross McCrorie is far more popular than Docherty, and it’s felt he can contribute more than the latter.

We did find these figures eye-opening. Docherty doesn’t appear to be half as well-rated as we believed, while a lot of fans still think McCrorie is good enough.

And overall, just a third of the response wanted both players gone, period. But almost half wanted them both to stay.

In conclusion, we’re probably nonethewiser!

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  1. So 60% agree with Gerrard then, and me too. If these guys were 100% professional for 90 minutes then they would be in the team or on the bench.

  2. 40% is not a majority, and it’s nearer a third than it is a half. Way to misrepresent the results.

    Essentially, 61% want McCrorie to stay and 55% want Docherty to leave.

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