£20M sale shows what Rangers assets are worth

£20M sale shows what Rangers assets are worth
If he's worth £20M....

Something happened in England today which proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Rangers, if selling, will secure the rightful market value for the likes of Borna Barisic and Alfredo Morelos, to name but two.

You may not have heard of Aaron Ramsdale, but you likely have. He was first choice last season for relegated Bournemouth, and is now technically a Championship goalkeeper.

He’s an England U21 international with 7 caps, and he’s aged 22.

What’s all the fuss about?

This-now Championship goalie, who conceded 62 goals incidentally, will move to Sheffield United for a price of just under £20M.

That’s right – despite having less bargaining power down in this so-called weak league, Championship Bournemouth just sold their star goalie for £20M.

Is it any wonder with numbers like these that Rangers fans should expect similar for our assets?

We’re not advocating sales any time soon, but we find it absurd, laughable and ridiculous that Celtic sell their stars for £20M+ with next-to-no international caps, but someone like Barisic or Morelos just ‘isn’t’ worth the same amount despite a better CV.

The reality is Rangers have filthy lucre on our hands – and none of it will be sold at below its true value.

If you want Barisic, pay big. If you want Morelos, pay big.

Otherwise they stay.

If an U21 England international is worth £20M, a senior Croat regular sure as sh*t is.

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  1. Completely agree. Of course, this is why it is ridiculous to offer Kamara up for £10M when he will be worth double that after the Euros next summer

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