Spotlight – Rangers in the transfer window

Spotlight – Rangers in the transfer window

With us being around a week into the Scottish transfer window, Steven Gerrard has been working away with Ross Wilson and the team to try to secure new players.

The problem we have is we only have 10 days till we travel to Aberdeen and barely two weeks till it’s off to Germany.

Despite the window opening, very little indeed has happened in Scottish football never mind Rangers, and our concern is of course with events at Ibrox – many would make an argument that Celtic haven’t signed much either, and that’s true.

But they’re the (fake) champions and already had the strongest squad. Of that there is no doubt, so their need to bring in new players is not as urgent as our own. Toe-to-toe our first XIs do punch at their weights, certainly, but a season needs a squad, not an XI, so the signing of new players has a little spot of need around it now.

As things stand, theoretically, Rangers SHOULD have enough to go to Aberdeen and pick up three points, given our promising displays in France.

But of course the SPL is a very different prospect, and frankly a much harder one, especially given the hugely-increased pace, and it’s a wise move with that in mind that Motherwell will be at Ibrox on Wednesday to give us a bit of a dress rehearsal.

But even then that remains only a friendly, as does Coventry. Ultimately, Aberdeen in the SPL will be a major hike, and Rangers haven’t yet secured enough of the new blood we’d hoped they would.

Here’s hoping things start happening quickly.

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