Reports claim Stevie has told attacker to leave

Reports claim Stevie has told attacker to leave

The reports claiming Steven Gerrard has now told Jordan Jones he’s free to leave come as no surprise. Jordan Jones has been free to leave since before he arrived, and was a Mark Allen signing Steven Gerrard did not sanction or indeed want.

The NI winger might be a fine player, and have quality about him, but this manager doesn’t and never wanted him.

Even when Rangers were hardly blessed with quality wing talent in the summer of 2019 after Kent’s departure, Gerrard only used the ex-Killie man sparingly.

And far far far too many Rangers fans have failed to move on from his moment of stupidity against Celtic, holding it against him forever, as, in fairness, Gerrard himself has too.

Let’s face it, Alfredo Morelos committed 20x more acts, but because he can also play a bit, many fans let him off with that for a long time. But Jones never got the chance to prove he can play, so all that was left for fans to do was attack him for the tackle.

Jones was just eager to impress, too eager, and let the Old Firm occasion get to him – just like Fernando Ricksen did 20 years ago. Didn’t work out too badly for him at Ibrox did it?

But Stevie was never interested in Jones, didn’t want him, isn’t interested in starting him. Even before re-signing Kent, Jones was only bit-part.

This was an Allen signing, one Stevie was unenthusiastic about, and his refusal to use him since regaining fitness shows the esteem he holds him in.

It’s a waste. He’s a talented player, and he’s excellent at assists.

But Rangers under Steven Gerrard is not the place for him, and it’s best for all concerned he moves on.

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