Rangers players rated v Coventry

Rangers players rated v Coventry

After a slightly patchy first half, Rangers came alive in the second to convincingly dispatch Coventry and complete a pre-season program with just one goal conceded.

Here are your Ibrox Noise ratings for the evening in Govan:


Didn’t have a LOT do, wasn’t forced into any meaningful saves really. Couple of good reads and some neat distribution though. 7


He had a big impact with the assist for Goldson’s header but aside that his afternoon was a bit quiet and he looked vulnerable defensively. Still has a predilection for crossing ineffectually from nearly the half way line. 6


Didn’t do much wrong, and has actually looked very solid this pre-season. Will be happy with his goal too. 7


A good performance from Edmundson after a slightly shaky first 25 minutes, and nothing really got past him. 7


Not the most outstanding display this one from Barisic, a little predictable and wasn’t able to get in too many telling crosses. One wild slip midswing as the ball trickled out for a throw wasn’t one of his shining moments. 6


Where’s the rubbish Kamara from last season and what you done with him – Kamara is looking much more assured, far more confident, and doesn’t look awkward. His concentration seems much better, and he’s using the ball well. 8


Not convinced by his performances – they seem a little off the pace. He’s not as effective in a defensive sense, he’s been giving the ball away, and he seems like he might be carrying something. 6


Wonderful display – he was looking good, then another of his trademark close-control marauds led to Rangers’ opening goal. He’s finally looking like the player we signed. 8


Some good moments, but definitely not able to do his best work wide right. It’s limiting him a bit, but he’s still doing what he can. 7


A bit fragmented this one – he’s reverted to those bizarre and ineffectual cross-field dribbles which don’t actually do any damage, and he’s looking sorry for himself an awful lot, but he does still get some good bursts down the line and probably should have scored. He was something above ok. 7


He’s carrying extra junk, of that there’s no doubt. Gone are all those angry off-ball bursts of pace to get space, and now he’s mostly jogging around. Doesn’t look fit, can’t score a tee, and while he’s linking up well enough, and assisted great for Aribo, it’s not his job. In short, he’s causing opposing defences no damage himself. 5

Steven Gerrard:

He’s settled on his first XI, and it’s starting to work. Sure, Coventry completely changed their team at half time, and Rangers thrived on that second half, but they still had their work to do. It was a good afternoon for Gerrard, and he’ll be pleased his side came through a slightly tougher test fairly well. 7

Subs (select)


Out since November and it showed. Dreadful, miles off the pace, and was exposed repeatedly. 4


This kid is making a real shout for a major match-day squad place. Looking really good. 6


Bright again if not quite the impact as in previous cameos. 6


Keeps on showing why he’s an excellent prospect at RB. 7

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