Morelos confirms he wants to leave Rangers

Morelos confirms he wants to leave Rangers

As we all know, there’s a ‘thing’ with Alfredo Morelos, so it’s about time Ibrox Noise put the lies, misinformation and nonsense to bed and give you a comprehensive guide to where we actually are with regards the Colombian.

1: We can definitely confirm that Alfredo Morelos has agreed terms with Lille.

That definitely has happened, after Lille asked Rangers for formal permission to talk to the striker. This permission was granted, and Morelos and Lille’s representatives came to an informal deal. The only mystery about this is exactly when it happened – our information is it took place in France during the friendly tournament, and reports also are that Rangers were aware of the French giants’ interest for a number of weeks.

2: Lille underbid for the striker.

We don’t know exactly what the numbers are, with information ranging between a pathetic €6M to £15M plus add ons, all we know is it wasn’t enough.

3: Lille have confirmed negotiations.

“Morelos, it’s true that he’s a player that interests us. It’s also true that he is interested in LOSC. But we are in full discussion, nothing is done.”

– Lille president Gerard Lopez

4: Rangers have ‘confirmed’ negotiations.

SSB confirm there are ‘currently no active negotiations’ because Lille fell short of the asking price. ‘Active’ because there were negotiations but as of that press release, nothing further.

5: Morelos has ‘basically’ admitted both discussions and his ‘desire’ to leave:

“There is a lot of speculation in the press about my transfer to another team. We are waiting, playing the games well and if the opportunity comes(to leave), it is welcome. There are several options, we are focused on what is being done, preparing well for the league here. There are clubs that have spoken, but formally there is no agreement. The decision is mine and I hope it will be good to go to a more competitive league if I decide.”

We’ve been called liars, inaccurate, you name it. It’s all up there in black and white. If you still don’t believe Lille want him, have agreed terms with him and he wants to leave, there’s nothing more we can say.

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