Leverkusen in disarray as Rangers given giant boost

Leverkusen in disarray as Rangers given giant boost

Rangers have been given a megaboost for next month’s clash with Bayer after it was confirmed star man Kai Havertz will leave the Bundesliga for a reported £89M deal to join Chelsea.

The Stamford Bridge giants have been busy, with Timo Werner already on board, but Havertz is a huge coup and it will only strengthen their hunt for a real fist at the PL title next season.

But it weakens an already-struggling Leverkusen whose form has completely crumpled since the return to domestic action and before the Bundesliga ended they fell to a mere Europa League slot and missed out on Champions League.

This gives Rangers double advantage going into next month’s clash – they’re out of form and chances are now certain their star player will be a Chelsea man soon and certainly won’t face Rangers after all.

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Rangers, if they hit the ground running in Germany, have a real chance of a stunning shock outcome, and with Leverkusen’s best player gone and their form all over the place, they have a bigger chance than they ever did of being in that draw for the quarters.

Remember, three goals are needed, so it’s obviously a huge ask, but Bayer are not in a good place right now and it’s only going to get worse with the loss of their key player, so if Stevie and co get it right, what a stunner we could be in store for.

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