Has Stevie just taken big potshot at former Ibrox chief?

Has Stevie just taken big potshot at former Ibrox chief?

Earlier we discussed Steven Gerrard’s ‘warning’ to Rangers’ board that the squad isn’t good enough and we need more/better players.

However, there’s another option to what his comments mean, and it’s surprisingly obvious:

Is Steven Gerrard condemning most of the work former DoF Mark Allen carried out?

Allen was of course the main ‘scout’ and worked most of the wheeling and dealing, and with Stevie saying his squad isn’t up to the task of winning the league, effectively, it appears to be a bit of a covert dig at the former Sporting Director whose job it was to bring these guys in.

The only signings by current DoF Ross Wilson, prior to this window, were Hagi and Kamberi, and both could be regarded as successes, even if Kamberi probably isn’t being made permanent.

This window hasn’t exactly seen explosive incomings, true, but there’s a feeling lots of hands are tied at the moment.

But they weren’t when Allen was the boss – and if we look through his CV at Ibrox, it’s a lot of fails:

Nemane, Grezda, Sadiq (we know, we know), Coulibaly, Ejaria, Worrall, Flanagan, Ojo – need we go on?

And now the ones who have ‘made’ it are seemingly being slightly dug at as well, in what feels like a smear on the guy who brought them in.

Two years we’ve spent building this squad, and now the manager claims it’s not good enough?

Is that Allen’s fault, Gerrard’s, or the board’s?

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