Graeme Souness to return to Ibrox – rumour

Graeme Souness to return to Ibrox – rumour

Graeme Souness has been rumoured as returning to Rangers, with a chairman spot being mentioned.

The former manager reportedly told David Tanner in a private conversation ‘never say never’ to a return to Rangers many many months ago, and now that is being claimed as a club direction.

Douglas Park, of course, has done an excellent job as interim, but the permanent place has remained open – we’re not aware of the current temporary chairman wanting it on a long-term basis, but he’s helped stabilise the club in these tough times over the past four or five months following the exit of Dave King.

And now the word on the wire is Souness’ desire to return to Rangers could well be happening and he may be appointed new chairman.

Of course, how serious this is is anyone’s guess – Souness was an incredible manager for Rangers, but left in such rotten circumstances. Many Bears of a certain vintage still haven’t forgiven him for what he did, and memories are certainly long, but we do suspect his coming back as chairman might help to heal those wounds a little.

There’s no question Rangers are his team – it was Liverpool, to an extent, but that relationship broke down in ignominious circumstances in the 80s and 90s over an incident involving the most despised newspaper on Merseyside, and these days while he still remembers his Liverpool days fondly, it’s tinged with that bitterness.

And while he had that ‘spat’ with Rangers as well due to how he left, the majority of fans would want him back.

But we’ll ask you for your thoughts.

Would you like Souness back at Ibrox?

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