Celtic clown makes absurd dig at Rangers – not Sutton

Celtic clown makes absurd dig at Rangers – not Sutton

Andy Walker has made a calculated smear at Rangers by condemning the way Partick Thistle and Hearts were treated in this SPFL farce vote, but of course, not Rangers.

The former Celtic man selectively omitted how Rangers were cheated out of a shot at the title, but was clear that the treatment of the other teams who lost out, such as Thistle and Hearts, was unacceptable:

“I still can’t believe how Hearts and Partick Thistle were treated.”

Of course, Walker deliberately, and hypocritically systematically excluded Rangers, despite the fact the exact same logic applies.

We don’t have a lot more to add to this, except this beauty from the Walker:

“If ever there was a time for the Scottish football family to come together, it was this summer.”

And yet, that seems to exclude Rangers, huh Andy?


With clowns like this in our country, no wonder our game is a circus.

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