A major clue about Celtic’s tainted title….

A major clue about Celtic’s tainted title….

We shall pre-empt this article with ‘it’s only pre-season’, but nevertheless it’s a fair point that a reader of the site raised with us earlier, and one we have to take seriously.

In 2019, Rangers, having had a difficult season, raised our game hugely during the split to be, by far, Scotland’s best team, beating Celtic among the wins to make our point.

We used this as an example of why the league was not done and dusted this year, that awarding the title to Celtic was pure corruption, and that we do not know how the remaining matches would have panned out.

Over the course of pre-season, this ‘dead out of form’ Rangers team, with an abysmal Alfredo Morelos scoring no goals, has scored 12 goals, conceded one and won every match this summer including against teams who have beaten or drawn with Celtic.

Are we seriously saying there is absolutely no chance Rangers could turn round their poor earlier 2020 form and produce a title challenge?

If pre-season is anything to go by, wins over Motherwell, Coventry, and two giant French teams not to mention Hamilton, would suggest there’s a strong case to be made that Rangers had every chance of producing that form had the season been allowed to resume.

Yes, it’s pre-season, and it doesn’t exactly indicate the full picture, and we acknowledge this, but equally, that split of 2019 was almost exactly the same, with superb performances and wins under serious competition.

And here we are again – a batch of matches during the same rough period as before, a kamikaze ‘end of season’ spell, and Rangers once again are in great form, scoring goals for fun and conceding none.

Does this mean we’d have won the title?

What we can say is we don’t know that we couldn’t – of course we could. And Rangers’ form lately has suggested the awarding of Celtic’s tainted title only gets more hysterical the more we look at it.


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