85% of Rangers fans unhappy with player exit

85% of Rangers fans unhappy with player exit

Following our piece only a day ago extolling the virtues of Matt Polster comes the breaking story that the USA international is set for a £300,000 switch back to the MLS.

We were certainly amused by the timing, given we had only 24 hours earlier talked about his merits, and why he should play more of a role under Steven Gerrard, but that he had no chance while James Tavernier was around.

And no sooner had we asked why we even signed him before he was being touted with that six-figure move back to a league that might actually make use of his very notable talents.

New England Revolution are to clinch him for a break-even number in yet another signing which just never got a chance under this manager, and even though we sure don’t rate Jake Hastie, he’s another one who never even got a chance to prove us wrong.

As for Polster, you don’t seem to entirely agree with this latest story. In an Ibrox Noise poll, we asked you if the former Chicago Fire RB should play a bigger role, and an overwhelming and borderline ridiculous 85% of you believed that he should, with just 15% thinking he wasn’t good enough.

But, with this news of his imminent departure now in full flow, it’s evident the 15% are the ones who will get their way.

He didn’t complain for a second, he conducted himself with dignity, and despite proving his worth on the few occasions he got to star for the club, this is a signing the manager just wasn’t interested in making more use of.

A shame really.

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