Your view: this is it for Stevie G

Your view: this is it for Stevie G

Whatever went before, it’s safe to say Rangers fans are now seriously looking at next season and our chances.

And regardless of what they are, increasingly we’re finding supporters are now demanding we win the league – no ifs, no buts, no maybes.

In short, Stevie’s coat is now for the first time on a peg which is a little looser screwed than the rest – his goodwill and grace period is definitely over and fans have demanded the title or his head.

And it’s not hard to understand why – while Rangers have been remarkable in Europe and Gerrard’s league win rate is far superior to his post-2012 SPL predecessors, it’s still not been good enough to keep a meaningful challenge up past Christmas.

Whatever that falls on, whoever, Rangers fans’ tolerance for failure has come to an end, and we were a touch surprised to see a post we made on social media today being responded with such demanding certainty:

‘Win the league or you’re toast’ – even more surprising was the number of people on board with that.

It’s bottom line now – we put out an entry start of last season asking expectations and while demands were similar, there wasn’t the condition attached half as much. Now the support clearly expects the league, or a new manager.

We can’t say we disagree.

While we looked at the numbers and Stevie’s performance, domestic cup asides, has actually been really good compared with the Warbies and Pedros, it’s not been good enough for the money he’s spent and not good enough to catch Celtic properly.

This next season is the one it has to be otherwise it’s time to part company.

And that’s your view, not ours.

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