Transfer rumour could spell trouble for Rangers defender

Transfer rumour could spell trouble for Rangers defender

When we suggested the signing of Calvin Bassey was in fact more than just backup to Borna Barisic, many ridiculed us as stating it was just a deputy in light of Andy Halliday and Jon Flanagan moving on.

So quite what we’re doing trying to sign Leicester’s Dennis Gyamfi is anyone’s guess.

And in case you argue ‘another negative article from Ibrox Noise’ (while ignoring our positive ones as many of you like to do), yes, it probably is this time – because he’s a RB, same age as Nathan Patterson and being apparently targeted instead of our own player.

We’ve seen Patterson play, he’s good, very good, but instead of giving him a place on the bench, it’ll go instead to this Ghanaian?

We’re confused, troubled, and bewildered. We just cannot get our head around the past few days’ signing policy of hoovering up other kids from other clubs and not using our own.

Our past history with U23 signings isn’t the best, and now we’re replacing our own youngsters with them?

We’re even more troubled by the number of fans suddenly defending it this morning, as if an 18-year old from Leicester with zero senior appearances is a better prospect for Rangers than our own Nathan Patterson.

The signing policy isn’t heartening us – this is clearly what Steven Gerrard wants, and frankly we’ve no idea why he’s not interested in our own players.

Ross McCrorie, Patterson, Glenn Middleton, Kai Kennedy, Nathan Young-Coombes – none of these appear to matter, and now it’s guys from down south instead.

Are we really the only ones bothered?

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