Three year Rangers mystery solved?

Three year Rangers mystery solved?

Jordan Rossiter’s recent reveal that Rangers physio Steve Walker saved his career could also strongly explain why Graham Dorrans has been trouble-free since leaving Rangers as well.

The duo were notorious at Ibrox for repeated injuries which completely blighted their terms at the club, but Rossiter has confirmed the club’s physio got to the bottom of his, and since he got it sorted around November 2018, he’s been completely injury-free.

“I was close to being back fit when I pulled up again. It kept happening,” he told the Scottish Sun. “It always seemed to be one step forward and then two steps back. I had a lot of niggles everywhere, but they just couldn’t get to the bottom of it. In the end the physio, Steve Walker, got to the bottom of it for me in my second season there. It turned out my back was causing the muscle problems in my legs. I had two procedures on my back to settle everything down. Then I had to do a lot of work on my core to build up strength. I’ve not had a muscle injury since. I owe Steve a lot.”

In short, it took club medics a while to get to the bottom of Rossiter’s career-threatening ailments, and once Walker did, he’s been trouble-free ever since.

Which is likely to be a reason while Graham Dorrans too has enjoyed a blemish-free time since leaving Rangers.

Of course we are only speculating that Walker may have fixed Dorrans as well, but it’s more than a touch uncanny that these two secured fitness in the final six months of their time in Govan but by then were out of Rangers’ and Steven Gerrard’s framework for the club.

Either way, while we know Rossiter definitely has Walker to thank for his career, Dorrans may too owe him a pint as well.

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