“Three out of three ain’t bad” – Rangers chief will be pleased

“Three out of three ain’t bad” – Rangers chief will be pleased

Ok, three out of three is a pretty strong record, but we have to say Ross Wilson’s start to life at Ibrox has been extremely impressive when it comes to player turnover.

First he freed 6 players who were out of contract, 6 who were arguably ‘dead wood’ – this freed up a lot of wages to be used in more constructive ways.

Then there were the loan signings of both Ianis Hagi and Florian Kamberi – both of whom played a role this year to varying amounts. One was most certainly welcome, and our major doubts about the other were unfounded and he definitely contributed.

Then Hagi was secured for 33% lower than the ‘retail’ price, a good third below his market value and the deal was confirmed as yearly instalments.

In short, Ross Wilson, so far, has worked some real wonders, and it makes such a different to have a pro in the role of DoF – someone who’s done it before for another well-run club like Southampton, and Rangers, we have to say, have done brilliantly to get him.

Just where would this club be if Ross Wilson had been our DoF originally rather than Mark Allen. While the latter wasn’t diabolical, he made some notable errors and he really wasn’t suited to the role. He was, of course, a backup plan – Wilson was the number one target but he decided the time wasn’t right in 2017.

But two years later, Rangers got their man, and we have to say we’re really impressed by his dealing so far.

Rangers look better organised, more clinical, and with real professionals in the right jobs, especially Wilson.

Of course, it all has to come into place on the pitch too, but off the pitch we’ve secured Hagi, we’re working on more, and we’ve shed a tonne of dead wood, while thanking them all graciously for their efforts.

It just looks much better.

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