Surprising development involving key Rangers star

Surprising development involving key Rangers star

Ok, so it was a corporate partnership being plugged for the player, but for the first time, Alfredo Morelos has been used for new commercial endorsement ‘involving’ (sort of) Rangers.

In his nearing three years since joining, the club’s star player has rarely to never featured as part of a commercial partnership in association, never been the face of the club in ties with partner companies – and if anyone can remember any contrary examples, be our guest.

We don’t know what this means, exactly, if anything – after all, these kinds of things are always contractual and part of the job – Liverpool players aren’t always advertising on TV with a well-known grooming brand for the voluntary fun of it.

No, this is certainly not ‘voluntary’ on the Colombian’s part, and we must state clearly that the Morelos angle is not being carried officially by the club.

Rangers have partnered with Dugout, some kind of ‘insider’ football group, and they also partner with Morelos – so while it’s ‘official’, it’s not on the club website as Morelos being the actual face of the deal.

No, the Morelos content is on Dugout’s own website.

We’ll have a little more on this and what it might mean as the day goes on.

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