Surprise boost for Rangers’ trip to Leverkusen

Surprise boost for Rangers’ trip to Leverkusen

Rangers’ trip to Leverkusen in the autumn (likely late August or September) is set to be buoyed (slightly) after the Bundesliga giants became the first side in Germany to simulate crowd noise.

Following the return of Bavarian football some weeks ago, one of the biggest criticisms of the games behind closed doors is the total lack of atmosphere, with no crowd there of course.

But Bayer found a novel way to deal with that – crowd noise through the stadium loudspeakers, including reactive noises to events on the pitch.

Which means Rangers, when this trip does eventually happen, will at least have a bit of noise in the background. Even if it’s coming from the PA.

It’s a good-natured way of giving matches a little more life, because as fun as it is having football back, the sound of the crowd is a painful miss – so Leverkuson’s imaginative solution brings a little levity and a semblance of normality to proceedings.

Even if it’s only simulated.

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