Surprise absence for Rangers’ return to Auchenhowie

Surprise absence for Rangers’ return to Auchenhowie

We’ll have much more on Rangers’ return this week to training, but one big absence caught the eye.

Where on earth was Ryan Kent?

It was evident that ‘someone’ had his place inside the indoor arena at Auchenhowie, but we must say we didn’t spot him otherwise, and we do wonder how on earth he could possibly be injured.

We do hope everything is ok with the lad, these have been challenging times for all of us and we hope his (potential) absence was nothing malevolent.

Otherwise the squad appeared entirely present and accounted for, with pretty much every squad member there.

We noticed:

Katic, Jack, Middleton, Stewart, Kamara, Tavernier, Hastie, Murphy, Jones, Helander, Defoe, Patterson, Arfield, Barisic, Aribo, Hagi, Davis, Docherty, McGregor, Robby McCrorie, Firth, Kennedy, Barker and Morelos in particular, with Ross McCrorie’s loan at Portsmouth being extended of course.

We’ll naturally have more coverage in the coming days of Rangers’ return to action following such an extended absence, but we do reiterate we’ve no clue where Kent was, and his return was clearly expected.

If it’s an injury we wish him well in his recovery, and we absolutely remain bewildered as to how he sustained one.

Otherwise, your guess is really as good as ours.

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