Steven Gerrard shocker – a work of fiction?

Steven Gerrard shocker – a work of fiction?

A claim has broken today from our favourite dubious source (ok there’s a few) that Steven Gerrard rejected an advance from Birmingham City to become their new manager.

Obviously we didn’t give the outlet any real oxygen by reading this tale, but according to them, Gerrard knocked back Championship Brum, with current boss Pep Clotet struggling a little in the hotseat.

Why a team like City, no offence to them, thought they could nab a name as big as Gerrard from a club as big as Rangers we really don’t know, but we can’t help wondering if this story is related to the John Barnes’ claims about how Gerrard ‘should start in the Championship’.

Birmingham are a struggling team, currently lower midtable in the second top tier in England – at a small risk of going down albeit unlikely, and we can understand them trying to turn things around.

But the claim that they approached Steven Gerrard seems to us to have literally come from nowhere, albeit the same source has had many ‘exclusives’ wildly wrong before so take the story with a pinch of salt as we’re sure our discerning readers will.

Gerrard won’t leave Rangers unless it’s Liverpool or he’s fired.

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