Steve Clarke’s comments today are a national embarrassment

Steve Clarke’s comments today are a national embarrassment

Scotland manager Steve Clarke has given an assessment of Billy Gilmour, and despite praising his abilities has urged caution over his form and said to be selected for his national side the Chelsea star must prove his worth.

Sorry, haud the press here.

The best Scottish player for the best part of 20 years and Steve Clarke is making ridiculous assertions that Chelsea’s best player has to prove his quality and form before he’ll be considered for selection?

That his non-selection v Villa proved he has to play to show his usefulness?

Meanwhile he got 90 excellent minutes in the 4-0 win over Everton and that’s apparently not enough?

Plus Clarke’s regular SPL-based players haven’t played at ALL since March and they appear to be getting a free pass to selection…

Anyone ever get the impression if Gilmour was an ex-Celtic or indeed ex-‘anything other than Rangers’ player he would not be subject to the degrading scrutiny this fool of a manager is placing on him?

Gilmour’s passing rate v Everton was the third best on the park, and the kid has to ‘prove himself’?

What an absolutely diabolical piece of management, to publicly humiliate the best player the Scotland setup has had for over two decades, if not more, almost certainly because he’s Rangers born and bred.

If he was a Celtic wean you can be sure Clarke would be expressing his importance to the NT and how he’ll be a big part of the upcoming matches when the NT gets going again.

But no, as an ex-Ranger, he must prove that, despite being arguably the best player at Chelsea and one of the best players in the PL, he’s good enough and in form enough for Scotland.

Good. God.

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