SPFL brass neck over new vote – stunning

SPFL brass neck over new vote – stunning

Following up our earlier piece on the SPFL vote tomorrow, is the comedy of observation where Neil Doncaster and co proudly proclaimed they’re ‘leading the way’ on reconstruction discussions.

We know our game is a farce, we know it’s a joke, and we know it’s appallingly run, but there’s something infuriating about this group proudly espousing their virtues regardless.

Leading the way on discussions, taking the initiative – they can’t take a hike if they tried to, and it’s getting a little bit absurd listening to Doncaster’s repeated ‘babble talk’ about pretty much everything he speaks about, as if he’s trying to hide his incompetence behind big business-like jargon.

It’s not clever and it doesn’t fool anyone Neil, speak English and not like a pretend corporate goon and people might take you seriously.

And we come back to that bold statement:

“It’s up to any club to bring forward a proposal at any time, and various clubs have put forward proposals, both related to reconstruction and other issues. Ultimately, if they have support from members, then it’s important that’s voted through.”

Ok so far, it’s not utterly embellished with embarrassing jingo talk.

But then we come to:

“We are taking the lead. We’ve gone out to clubs with a specific structure. We’ve asked them to indicate whether they would support that structure. If sufficient numbers do, then we’ll come back with a resolution.”

Not only did he say the first five words with a straight face, he followed them up with yet more corporate formal-talk.

It’s like this man cannot speak plain English for fear of exposing himself as the incompetent buffoon he actually is, and the sheer brass neck of claiming the SPFL lead the way in anything other than idiocy is a big stand out.

Lord’s mercy…

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