Shock Rangers announcement exposes brand-new club strategy

Shock Rangers announcement exposes brand-new club strategy

As we mentioned earlier, it appears Rangers sold the media something of a dummy with the signing of Jon McLaughlin. The huge keeper was signed pretty much out of nowhere after his name surfaced earlier today before being paraded on the official club website.

Reaction from fans was bewildered surprise, with absolutely no heads up on the stopper, well, apart from Ibrox Noise and one or two other sources.

And that shock, that double-take is exactly how Rangers appear to be doing their early summer business so far.

Two signings have been made, and both of them pretty much came absolutely out of the blue – naturally we exclude Ianis Hagi as he was the worst-kept secret of the lot, so that one was less of a left-field moment.

But Calvin Bassey and Jon McLaughlin?

Completely utterly and wildly left-field with little to no warning and zero hype.

It’s how Rangers have done things so far this summer – keeping their real targets absolutely watertight until they’re over the line or close to, and instead letting the press go ballistic with false leads and patent dummies.

It’s a new approach, avoiding doing your business in the media and instead keeping it in-house till the last second.

No leaks, no hype, no disruption.

This is not to say the link stories are all false, because that isn’t necessarily true. But it does mean a clinical edge to getting players secured, certain players who Rangers manage to keep out the spotlight entirely.

And it’s a much cleaner way to do your transfer work.

Of course, it means a lot of surprise, and perhaps less excitement as the latest player is one that we barely saw coming. So less anticipation.

But it seems effective.

Whether we all like this approach or not is another matter – but one positive certainly is this:

Celtic aren’t getting wind of what we’re doing this way.

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