Selling Alfredo Morelos

Selling Alfredo Morelos

As we alluded to earlier, there’s been a resurfacing of ‘interest’ (we use that term loosely) in Anderlecht and former Leeds man Kemar Roofe, but it’s all dependent, and indeed any new striker pretty much is, on the sale of Alfredo Morelos.

Trouble is, there’s been absolutely no interest in the Colombian for the best part of a year.

That is to also say, since Alfredo Morelos joined Rangers in 2017, we know only of two bids officially confirmed by the club:

One strange one from Beijing Renhe for a reported £11M, and one from Fenerbahce at £2.5M.

Both of these were some considerable time ago, and while there’s been a tonne of confirmed scouting and interest in the hitman, none of that has materialistically manifested itself into a genuine bid for him.

His rated value, according to respected football data site transfermarkt, is £10.8M or £11M if we round up, but his actual market value, while theoretically far higher going by his CV, is, like the value of any commodity: dependent 100% on what someone is willing to pay.

And while we ramble about £15M this, and £25M that, just like Celtic’s Edouard there’s been no tangible bids to actually arrive for our star striker in recent times, rather hamstringing us when it comes to replacing him and using the funds accrued for him to enhance the team.

Do we need to sell him to fund purchases? Probably. Every summer Stevie (or whoever is manager) gets £10M give or take, and it’s a reasonable amount, but it probably won’t usurp Celtic – which is why we need a little more this time in order to stop 9.5IAR.

If that’s the sale of Morelos, Borna Barisic or even Connor Goldson or Glen Kamara, so be it.

But to sell anyone will require bids.

And few have arrived. Especially for Morelos.

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