Rangers’ mega-million windfall remains on

Rangers’ mega-million windfall remains on

Ok it’s Real Madrid and they’re hardly short of a bob, but the Galactico giants’ £71M bid for Bayer’s Havertz is yet more proof that football clubs have learned nothing in the past 3 months and transfer prices remain exactly the same as they always did.

Which, obviously, confirms Rangers can get exactly what we need for Alfredo Morelos and Borna Barisic, assuming both get sold.

We had of course been concerned the transfer market was going to radically change, and Morelos and Barisic would sell for way less than their technical value, but those fears were unfounded and Rangers’ board can certainly get as much as they would have in January for them both.

Which realistically means Barisic could well fetch for around the value of Celtic’s similar-positioned but inferior CV’d Tierney (£25M) and Morelos could pull in a major wad of cash as well, although his position is a bit weaker with the ridiculous circus around him and his poor form.

Rangers, however, could be in line for between £30-£40M for the pair, depending on how well we play our cards.

Of course, the Barisic speculation has quietened but we know Roma are still interested, as are a few other mobs around Europe, while Morelos always seems to be linked to someone.

There’s also Glen Kamara, who was linked with a £10M switch to France.

But for anyone who thought it might be £5M each or even less, with clubs being unable to afford more, not a bit of it.

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