Rangers man makes cryptic comments on his future

Rangers man makes cryptic comments on his future

Looking more into the Morelos comments from yesterday, what do they mean?

On first glance, it does look like the most positive thing the Colombian has said about the club pretty much since he joined.

And indeed, deeper into his quotes, are Rangers fans in line for a return of the real Morelos?

His attitude in these quotes still doesn’t commit to the future at Ibrox, but he’s come closer than he ever has to saying he’s staying.

He said:

“Now I’ve managed to get to European football, thanks to God everything has worked and has happened in the best possible way. Now I am in this great institution where everything is working out for me. There are times when I can’t score, there are times when I have the chance to assist my teammates. It’s something that also helps me grow as a player. It’s something that’s super important for my career. For a forward it isn’t just about scoring goals, it’s also working for the team, running for the team, helping teammates and working for the team. I knew I was coming to a big club, a club with a lot of titles, with a lot of history. I started earning myself a place here, a place with Rangers. And so far it’s all been excellent. I’m happy with everything I’ve done here at Rangers.”

It’s an interesting quote. Morelos has NEVER once said he sees his future at this club, and only in the past 12+ months has he started being constructive and positive about the club and fans, and this quote is similar but slightly more explicit.

It’s mostly interesting though because it comes off the back of the worst period of his career, with his January-March performances verging on beyond shocking, and his popularity with supporters hitting an all time low as well.

Perhaps Rangers will get a hungry Morelos, a pre-Christmas striker who will look every inch the £30M+ hitman he was growing into.

Maybe he’s back? Maybe he wants to be here again?

Who knows…

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