Rangers make ‘statement’ about Barisic sale

Rangers make ‘statement’ about Barisic sale

With yesterday’s left-field signing of Leicester’s 20-year old Calvin (something, we honestly don’t know if his surname is Ughelumba or Bassey), Rangers now have a brand new LB on our payroll, the youngster signing a four-year deal.

But with Foxes’ fans so positive about his attributes, we do get the distinct impression this signing has been made to replace Borna Barisic.

No one saw this coming, the media were kept completely in the dark, and we have to say the lack of leaks over it were impressive – and with his cost only being cross border £250k, Bassey (we’ll just go with Bassey) seems to have been clinched with a first-team slot in mind.

We aren’t going to lie and pretend we know much about him, but here’s a summary from Leicester fans:

Big, strong, quick, best suited to LB, good at pushing forward, and a good prospect at this point. But obviously very inexperienced.

Rangers haven’t gone out for a big name here, they’ve brought in another club’s youth graduate – it’s the very type of signing fans have gotten tired of, if we’re honest. But this one appears to have been made to replace Barisic – he’s not for the Academy, too old, and he’s not for the Dev Squad.

Is he good enough to replace the Croat?

Well aside those world class four months last year, Barisic has been garbage. Inconsistent and lacking any kind of quality from July 2018 to September then mince again January onwards. So if young Bassey is more physical than he, more capable of being consistent, then maybe it’s a good signing.

We know too little about him to say otherwise.

But it’s evident this signing has been made with replacing the Croat in mind.

We’ll see how that goes.

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