Rangers have no choice but to sell Alfredo Morelos

Rangers have no choice but to sell Alfredo Morelos

Kenny Miller is in the press today saying Rangers need to cash in on Alfredo Morelos and use the wares to fund a serious bid to stop 9.5IAR.

We’ll cover that topic later, but what we will say is this: Rangers do have no option but to sell the Colombian now.


Alfredo Morelos made it patently clear this calendar year that his heart is no longer in it – he doesn’t want to be at Ibrox any more, frankly never really did, and his attitude has been close to deplorable.

He got slack previously because he was delivering on the pitch, but once that dried up, all that was left was his greetin’ face and his yellow/red cards.

Our point? Rangers can’t keep him now. If we (unlikely) choose to reject bids, we still have a player who is bang out of form and who isn’t interested in being here, and that’s absolutely no use to us.

So, there is only one outcome – sell to the highest bidder. The Morelos we enjoyed last November is history and the cash he can generate will certainly help to fund a summer purse that currently Rangers probably don’t have.

Let’s be clear – Morelos is for sale. Newcastle, Villa, Crystal Palace, Brighton – any of the above or anyone from the continent who wants him can absolutely have him. But Rangers are no mugs and we’ll not sell him below his value, whatever that is deemed to be now.

But yes, keep him and we have an unhappy and expensive waste of a shirt – we’re sure he’ll be reasonably professional but he won’t perform. Not like he used to.

And that’s no use to either party.

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